Busting ears for 1 year

In June 2009 The Collision Podcast was a wierd idea that had no real audience. Podcasting was something that none of us had experience in. On June 1, 2009, Justin McCain, Ethan Spivey and myself huddled around a microphone with one goal, make something that people looked forward to each month.

The hosts have changed as the months have passed, but the goal always remained the same. Each month we try to bring you the news stories that slipped through the cracks. Sometimes with a spiritual twist and sometimes just because they’re funny. Over the months we’ve had some amazing musicians come on the show with the hope that we’re introducing people to music that’s making a difference.

The Collision Podcast will continue to evolve and hopefully get better each month, but none of this means anything without your support. Our little show from Columbus Georgia has been downloaded in over 24 different countries around the world. We regularly have listeners in Canada, Australia and Europe picking up the show. It’s funny because without this medium, we don’t have a way to speak to these people outside of Columbus.

We’re passionate about every show that we put out and in some way, hope that you’ve been entertained by our little show. The Collision Podcast will continue to grow and transform as another year passes. We hope to share stories with you that mean something and make you laugh. But in the end, we need your support to continue growing this amazing medium that God has allowed us to be a part of.

Let your friends and families know about this show and pass around the links each month when we release our episodes. On July 1st we’re putting together a show that is more important than just news and media. Be sure to stay tuned for our very first video podcast that will go live next month.

Thanks again for allowing us to invade your ears each month.

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    • Ryan Gutowski
    • Husband, Dad, artist and lover of the hot wing. Ryan and his wife Erin founded Collision in 2008 as a ministry for twentysomethings who felt left behind by the church. You can reach him at ryan@collisioncm.com

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