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The Medicine by John Mark McMillanYou may not know the name John Mark McMillan, but chances are that you know the song “How He Loves” which has become a staple in modern worship. He wrote this song one morning as response to the death of a very close friend of his. The incredible thing about John’s writing is that his passion comes through in every song.

The Medicine is the latest release from John and it comes packed with something for everyone. From rock to worship to soul, this album shows that creativity is still alive and well with musicians in 2010.

This album is a re-release with 4 new songs and a version of “How He Loves” that has a darker sound then what you may have heard in church on a Sunday morning. As soon as the album begins, John Mark McMillian’s rich voice sets the tone of the album. The whole album has a very blues and Americana feel to it. The message of life and death is something that John can write about in a way that is both creative and poetic.

Songs like “Ten Thousand”, “Skeleton Bones” and “Carbon Rib” really show off the blending of worshipful lyrics and atmosphere that you don’t normally find on a rock album. While songs like “Out of the Ground” and “Between the Cracks” grab your attention with the gritty rock sound that’ll get you on your feet.

The overall sound of the album is dark with the redemptive message of Christ’s resurrection. What stands out the most when listening to The Medicine is the use of symbolism throughout the lyrics. John uses analogies and metaphors that are common in any one’s life. This seems to make him way more accessible as a musician, no matter who’s on the other end listening.

This album has the unique sound to get you pumped and excited or give you a soundtrack when your just relaxing. The Medicine is definitely one of the most diverse and inspiring album I’ve heard this year. With all the crazy stuff that happens in our lives, it’s nice to hear someone writing music that is both realistic and hopeful because of the message of Christ.

You can pick up The Medicine on Amazon MP3 or buy the album on iTunes (includes 3 exclusive videos).

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