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In June we got to catch up with the guys from A Love Not Lost when they came out to Columbus for the eight annual Summer Sideshow. With an alligator head from Louisiana and 6 guys huddled around a microphone in an RV, we got to talk about their new music, the bands latest tour and a performance you can only see when they’re on the road.

Collision Podcast: We wanted to talk to you guys about the Tower EP you all released just this past May. How’s it done so far and what can people expect when they download it?

Nathan: It’s done really good so far. The connection that we’ve had with the crowd through, you know, the way we present it live has been even than the previous EP. Definitely just because we went for a more mature sound and a more collective sound; I guess, as far as what they can expect when they download it is just really diverse hard rock. Like very in your face but also very real of the overall purpose of the EP of what we’re trying to come across which is just that God died for your sins and no matter what comes in your way that He’s bigger than anything you’ve got going on. So, it’s definitely been awesome, like the response we’ve got from our crowd and from our fans, for me, it surpassed what I expected honestly.

CP: So how did everyone get involved with the band over the past couple of years?

It’s totally a God thing. I’ll tell it from the… actually Preston you can tell your part of it first.

Preston: Well, Nathan formed the band. I was going to college just because I thought I needed to. I was just giving it up to God for me to find the right band and I met a few people and one of my friends, who are actually in another band, was Nathan’s good friend also. Nathan was looking for a band and he ask if he knew any drummers in the area that might be willing to join the band but the stipulation was you had to move to Alabama. My friend was like “Well, I only know one” and that was me so I prayed about it and everything and I finally made my decision after a few months. That’s been the best two years of my life probably. I’d say.

CP: So the guys here in the RV, has this been the line up for the past two years?

Tyler: No. Actually, Josh is as fresh as four months. And the way that Mitchell, Alex and I came into the band was we were actually a part of another band before this, I won’t mention the name because Nathan doesn’t like it. I’m just playing. We a part of a band called the Autumn Gate and we actually got on a show with A Love Not Lost and they weren’t even supposed to be on the bill. It was totally a God thing.

Mitchell: Yeah, it totally was. We were actually talking about touring with A Love Not Lost and it just so happened the next day they showed up right after two bands had dropped off we were just like, “Okay this is funny,” Obviously it’s a God thing so we went up to Nathan and talked to him and tried to work things out. We kept in contact for a while and then they so happened to lose one of their guitarists. We were still together and I actually went and filled in for them for one show. Went down to Alabama for about a week and filled in for one show. I actually called up Tyler and was just telling him how the show went and everything and as soon as I got done he goes “Dude I have go ahead and tell ya this. I’m quitting the band.” And as soon as he said that I know exactly what I’m doing. And today it’s been a year.

Nathan: I just called Tyler up and we hired him on for a tour and stuff and then kind of didn’t give him a choice. We were like “Hey, dude, you’re gonna be our new bass player.” We knew this was what he wanted to do. And then Mitchell came along. Mitchell the drummer, he learned to play keyboards to be in this band, just because he’s such good friends with all of us.

Mitchell: That actually started out as a joke by the way.

Nathan: Yeah it was like “If you can learn to play keyboards you can be with us all the time.” And he ended up doing it and honestly it’s funny and it’s cool and stuff but actually it shows how the brotherhood of this band is more important than anything else.

CP: Well now, talking about brotherhood and talking about just being on tour. You guys are currently on the Two Towers Tour. You guys have been on the road for basically a month so how’s it been halfway through this?

Josh: It’s been a blast. We’ve definitely learned a lot and had to grow with one another. We’re all different from one another but we’ve learned to get along and I guess the difference I see in the band, and I’ve only been in the band for like four month, is that I know without a doubt that no matter what everyone of my band members will have my back with anything that comes our way. And with anyone I sure they could say the same thing. If something comes up even it’s like money or just stuff you just really don’t want to share. Everyone has your back no matter what. Tour has definitely been a fun experience and it’s a first for most of us too so we’re not really used to it but we’re definitely getting used to it, living in our new home.

Nathan: Yeah, God blessed us with this (the RV) like three days into the tour. We were looking at some bands that had fallen through. And finally our tour manager and merch guy, Allen, who’s not with us for a few days. He had to go do some stuff. He found this and was like “Guys we need this, this would be awesome. It’s affordable and the guys can work with us.” And so this just opened up an awesome door because we can sit in here and have our devotionals, we can have enough space so that we’re not on top of each other all the time.

CP: You guys are known for something that you do when you’re on stage when you go on tour. I saw it talked about on Facebook the other day. Tell us a little about that.

That would be our cover of Tik Tok by Ke$ha.

CP: So, how does this happen with 6 dudes on stage, covering a song done by a girl who normally performs in spandex?

Nathan: Well originally it was a joke at practice. We just wanted to cover a song and do this sick cover of a crazy song. It was a tossup between another song and this one. This song is just really fun and Preston got me addicted to it and pretty much everyone else. Listening to her version in the car, we were like, we could totally kill this.

We changed all the alcohol references and all to making it about forest animals now. But it’s still about having a good time and going crazy. We perform it and it comes across to kids, they think that those references will still be there but we’ve changed them and it opens up a door when we get off stage. Sometimes people are like, why’d you change the lyrics, and we can talk to them about us being a Christian band. We want it to be about having good clean fun, not drunken fun.

You can visit A Love Not Lost on-line at Be sure to pick up their Two Towers EP available on Amazon MP3. Also check out the song, “Turning The Pages” on Episode 29 of The Collision Podcast.
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  1. avatar Tina Clark
    Posted August 4, 2010 at 5:07 pm | Permalink

    I have known each of these wonderful guys since about that third day into the tour when they found Bernice(RV) and awesome, clean, fun music in-light of God is exactly what they promote. They have wonderful fun personalities and hearts of gold. They have been very gracious with my family and I. If you want your teens and young adults to listen to clean awesome rock, then they are it. They follow God and do it with such class and style that can relate to all age groups. My 6 year old never stops talking about them and has memorized every word of every song. Every time I see them, my family and I light up with joy and have such a wonderful time listening to their music. We will follow them forever. Next home show is at SWAYZE’S in Marietta, GA. I cannot wait!!!

  2. avatar Tammy Allen
    Posted August 28, 2010 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

    I met these guys at my summer church camp. They are amazing and fun to be around. I wish they would they would come back and see us again at CrossRoads Church. It was a blast to know them.

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