Encouragement and Spirit

Megan Stansbury
August 18, 2010

It’s the first official day of Sea Hawks boot camp. We get up at 5am and run 2 miles. There are 60 of us running around a neighborhood block. We have all hardly known each other 3 days but we are all encouraging each other. You can tell we all have something about us, something that inspires instant bonding and fierce loyalty. Maybe it’s because we are all nervous and have no idea what to expect. But I keep having the thought that the only thing that sparked this was the Holy Spirit.

As the day goes on it becomes more and more apparent. Just in my team alone we stopped and prayed for our other fellow recruits. In the middle of cleaning up the ship we prayed for the feeling of home sickness to pass for one girl in particular, it went away almost instantly. During PT with my unit of 15, every time someone started to wear out we would encourage them. Randomly a person would shout “Can I get an amen?!” all of us would yell Amen as loud as we could. Little things helped us get through the day.

I feel my unit is the strongest physically and spiritually as a whole. It’s amazing to see God work through us. Now you might be saying well that’s great that that’s happening for you but it doesn’t do much for me. Well my point is this- Grow strong enough in your faith to where every time something difficult comes up, your first instinct is to pray and also to praise. Thank God for everything good. Be thankful in all things. Not for all things, in all things. Also remember to encourage the people around you, not just other Christians, everyone around you. It will benefit you both in the end.

A little bit about our guest blogger:

Megan Stansbury has been involved with Collision College Ministry for almost two years. In August she left for an 11 month program with Sea Hawks based out of Louisiana.

Over the next couple months, Megan will be sharing her heart for missions and the inspiration that she finds through the missions program God has called her into. Be sure to check back and follow Megan as the organization gives aid to Haiti and takes part in other disaster relief efforts.

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  1. avatar M. Decker
    Posted September 14, 2010 at 4:24 pm | Permalink

    Megan, you are an inspiration! Tell us as much as you can of your journey! It is so true, encouraging others benefits the receiver and the giver. Our Father God is so bountiful with his blessings!

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