Megan Stansbury
Sept 20, 2010

We are starting week 6 of the 7 week long boot camp, we’ve all been working hard and striving to meet the standards set for us. Some do better then others. Whether it’s because they actually try or they are naturally good at it, it’s obvious they have the hang of things. One thing we all seem to be struggling with is unity. We all have our own strengths- physical, mental, emotional etc. But we are slowly learning it doesn’t matter how much strength you have on your own. Time and again we have all gotten punished for something one or two of us did wrong. While we never got mad at whoever got us in trouble, we certainly weren’t figuring out that we needed to come together and stop looking out for number one ( or in some cases looking out for ourselves and a few other people we liked in our group).

Each of our units is required to read the book Purpose Driven Life and each unit is reading the book at a different pace. For my unit the past two chapters we have read have been “Restoring Broken Fellowship” and “Protecting Your Church”. In the “Restoring Broken Fellowship” chapter, a couple things stood out to me and some of the things mentioned were issues I was going through with a teammate. Basically God was saying “Here Megan, read this chapter and apply it.” It’s difficult to fix a problem with a person who doesn’t think they did anything wrong. It will be a work in progress but I know God has something to teach me through it.

The other chapter “Protecting Your Church” was essentially about protecting the unity of your church. Something my unit leader said the other day stuck with me while I was reading the chapter and it helped me read it in a whole different way. We as SeaHawks are like a church of our own. We fellowship together, we work together, we worship together, we minister together. The leaders, recruits, crew members etc make up a body just like a church.

Here is an excerpt out of that chapter:

Other believers will disappoint you and let you down, but that’s no excuse to stop fellowshipping with them. They are your family even when they don’t act like it, and you can’t just walk out on them. Instead God tells us “Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love”

This can be applied to anyone, we should react this way to everyone. God has really been teaching me about patience and brotherly love the past couple of weeks. We are getting stronger working together and Satan knows it, he is attacking us any way possible, through sickness, strife, attitudes, family crisis’, drama. He is determined to break us apart and keep us from doing the one thing that will make us invincible. Once we can be a united group that works as one body, there will be no stopping us with what we can do with God.

A little bit about our guest blogger:

Megan Stansbury has been involved with Collision College Ministry for almost two years. In August she left for an 11 month program with Sea Hawks based out of Louisiana.

Over the next couple months, Megan will be sharing her heart for missions and the inspiration that she finds through the missions program God has called her into. Be sure to check back and follow Megan as the organization gives aid to Haiti and takes part in other disaster relief efforts.

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