Review: Drowning in Grain

Drowning in Grain by Jetty Rae

It’s hard to deny that Jetty Rae has one of the most soulful voices around. She’s able to take lyrics and add a depth that few artist can. “Drowning in Grain” is Jetty’s third album in just two years and is by far the most complete album she’s put together.

The album starts off with the song Nice Ones, a song that you’ll be humming all day because of it’s upbeat rhythm. Nice Ones addresses those fake people in our lives that hide behind the facade of a smile. Hitting on the things that we all face is where Jetty really connects with the listeners. The thoughts, emotions and questions contained in her music click because we all face these same things.

Songs like Frayed Ends and Yarn are tracks that are carried by her dynamic voice and are hard to forget. It’s on these tracks that you realize how over produced most music is. Songs don’t need 100 extra elements when the artist uses the God given talent to build the music.

Probably the song that suprised me the most from “Drowning in Grain” is the song Freedom. The rugged and earthy sound adds a different dimension to the album. It reminded me of song that was put together in the infancy of the 70′s rock era.

The songs Chocolate Sunrise and Favorite Song are incredibly sweet and were written about the beauty of marriage. It reminds us of the relationship that God builds when two people choose to walk through life together.

Watch Jetty Rae's video for the song Nice Ones.

“Drowning in Grain” is truly the best of what Folk music has evolved into. Jetty Rae has created an album that will connect with you no matter what the day brings. From the upbeat to the thought provoking, Jetty’s new album is a great addition to your music collection. You can pick up Jetty Rae’s new album “Drowning in Grain” from Amazon MP3, Bandcamp or iTunes.

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  1. avatar Karlene D
    Posted February 29, 2012 at 12:08 am | Permalink

    Yay!! I’m excited to get it!! Loved her version of Pumped up Kicks.

  2. Posted February 29, 2012 at 8:47 am | Permalink

    That’s a great way to describe “Freedom” on this album: “rugged and earthy sound”. Awesome review! You can get it on Amazon MP3SpotifyGoogle Music, Bandcamp, TheSixtyOne or iTunes!

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