More than Music with Josiah James

More than Music with Josiah James. Photograph by Katie Elizabeth
Josiah James is an incredible artist based in Sacramento California. Anyone can tell from his passionate writing that music is much more that a hobby. Since his senior year in high school, Josiah put out 2 full length albums, two EP’s and has played more than 500 shows around the country. In this interview, we talk to Josiah about his new album, the theme behind the music and how he stays balanced while on the road.

In 2011 you took time off the road to refresh and really see what God wanted you to do next. Do you feel like that time off shaped your latest album “All Forgotten Things”?

For sure, definitely shaped the heart behind the whole records purpose. I look at All Forgotten Things as a CD I made to remind myself and people of the many things we forgot about our first love, Christ. We forget that HE is all we need. HE needs to be our identity to have our own identity in the world. HE is the reason for our existence and HE deserves all of me.

Can you explain the running theme of the album and how it relates to the people of Israel?

I grew up in a christian family, so I grew up hearing stories of Israel in the bible and how they lived among God, saw angels, rivers parted, and thousands of miracles, yet they still wasted their time turning away God to worship a golden bull. As a kid I’m think “What the poo guys!! Are you stupid?!”. But the more I look at it, I realize how dumb I am for falling for the things of this world and living for idols as apposed to falling for God and His perfect goodness.

With family, friends, college and having a music career, how have you been able to stay focused your relationship with Christ?

Well I actually said no to college for this year and probably awhile. I keep in heavy contact with my family while on the road. They keep me in check. Especially my lovely mother. I see friends practically every day while on the road and am always in fellowship with people that are close to me and love Jesus. I rarely go a day without seeing a good friend. When I’m driving alone I listened to audio sermons, books, and spend time in prayer. When I’m in the back seat of a band it opens up a lot more time to read books and the word.

On your album “All Forgotten Things”, there is a song called Open Your Eyes. Can you explain what inspired you to write this song?

Open your eyes is a song that took me an entire year to write. I had written and re-written it about 5 times. I didn’t know what I wanted it to be about until I attend an event by “Courage To Be You” about human sex slavery. I was shocked and hit hard with the statistics and the new knowledge that thousands of girls are trafficked through the area of Sacramento where I’m from. I decided I knew what the song what going to be about. The idea behind “Open Your Eyes” is about people not living life for themselves. There’s nothing more pointless in life then to be selfish. We are ALL called to GIVE. Give our time, resources, and love. To give is to gain. These girls need our love and our time to save them.

Touring around the country gives you a lot of new experiences. Do any of these experiences make it into your music?

For sure! My first single and song off of “All Forgotten Things” is called “More To This Life” and it was inspired by my travels and the beauty of nature and this world. I am constantly in awe of a glorious God displaying His beauty through his nature.

You can pick up Josiah James’ latest album “All Forgotten Things” today on Amazon, iTunes or from his website at Follow him on Twitter (@josiahjames) to get the latest on his music and touring.
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