Review: Ten Stories

Ten Stories by mewithoutYou

There’s something intriguing and definitely different about the music that mewithoutYou creates. From the eclectic composition to the incredibly vivid writing of Aaron Weiss, each release from this band brings something different. My first mewithoutYou album was Catch for Us the Foxes in 2004. The album was so full of passion and powerful content that I was instantly hooked.

Ten Stories is the bands fifth studio album and a return to the music that makes them so unique. The album kicks off with the track “February 1878″, a kind of sequel to the incredible song “January 1979″. This song starts the eleven tracks that tell stories through the eyes of circus animals that survive a train crash in Montana toward the end of the 1800′s.

Sound crazy? It’s hard to explain how this band creates a connection from a talking bear or an elephant that is on trial. When you listen to the music, you can see the connections that the band makes to the things we face a people. Weiss explores themes of faith, doubt, life, death and the search for truth throughout the album. While these topics aren’t new to mewithoutYou, it does seem really fresh when in the context of this album.

I’m not going to make the blanket statement that mewithoutYou is a band that every person will love. Some people may not see the beauty in their signature style or Weiss’ spoke-word monologues. In the end, I can only tell you why this band that does nothing by the book continues to intrigue me 10 years after their first full length album.

Ten Stories presents a truly unique concept album that is not only passionate, but fun to listen to. You have your chaotic tracks like “February 1878″ and “Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume”. The tracks “East Enders Wives” and “Bear’s Vision of St. Agnes” are just so well put together and I found myself hitting repeat more then once. In one of my favorite tracks “Elephant in the Dock”, the animals fearless leader, an elephant is on trial. The vivid picture painted by Weiss is just one example of why the imagination of this album can inspire any listener.

This album was the bands first independent release after leaving Tooth & Nail in 2011. It seems like this new independence has inspired the band to try new things and do what they are great at, making incredibly unique music.

You can pick up Ten Stories from mewithoutYou on Amazon MP3, iTunes or at Want to stream the entire album before purchasing? Check out the stream on RDIO.

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