Monday Motivation: The Intentional Life

The Intentional Life
This blog is a call to action, a call to an intentional life of intensity and activity. A call to a disarming of addictions that cause us a lack of authentic relationships. Will you answer?

We live in a time where technology is king. Yes, technology is good and convenient. But, is the over use of it taking away the very bliss we have come to know as authentic relationships and/or the Spirit? If we want to experience this life to the fullest, we must be intentional.

A week ago, I was trying to listen in to what God was leading me to write about. Through that time, I was deeply inspired to spend less and less time on my phone, computer, watching TV, and even listening to music. There is a beauty to silence, a beauty to discovering who God is through creation, through nature (and no, this doesn’t mean go outside and take pictures of the nature… or better yet, pictures of us in nature) Just you and God. A moment of monumental discovery without your first thought being to take a picture of it to put on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I am speaking to myself here as well. I have found myself to be, at times, the worst at things such as this. When exciting things come, it has become a natural reaction to want to capture it and there is nothing wrong with that.. to an extent. What if we are letting these moments pass us by because we aren’t able to listen to God, and we aren’t completely enjoying the moment at hand because our focus isn’t engaging fully on one thing. Are we are experiencing life through a filtered lense?

My fiancée, Ethan Spivey, has been such an inspiration to me when it comes to practicing this lifestyle until it consumes me. Whether we are at a concert or just hanging out, and I’m trying to capture the moment, he always tells me, “Just enjoy it babe.” It has become very hard for me to see and experience something awesome and not capture it on my phone or camera. I want others to be able to see it as well and experience its’ awesomeness or hilarity. But, it all comes down to a heart issue, you know, if you are able to enjoy something WITHOUT FIRST thinking about putting it in some way or another on facebook. Me? Well, this is something I have to daily work at. Our relationships revolve around technology. Probably 7 out of 10 times (not a factual statistic here) you can put two or more people in a room and they will be perfectly happy sitting beside each other, each on their phone, watching tv, or playing on the computer. What happened to conversations?!? We have got to get back to real, authentic relationships where the center core is not a “like” on Facebook, but a one-on-one conversation about life.

Think about it, when you go to a retreat or out of the country somewhere, God seems to be evidently around, and you are aware of Him. It’s easy to find Him some would say. After a while, your mind begins to clear out, fresh air seems to fill your lungs, and you feel weightless. Why is that? Well, I think it may be related to a lack of distraction. A lack of the constant need to respond to an e-mail or Facebook notification. If you are out in the woods with no phone, tv, or computer, you are better able to notice the beauty around you because you aren’t distracted by a screen instead. You arent tied down to the weight of anything. You are free to discover. What if we met each day with this same kind of freedom?

So let me now encourage you. Just enjoy it. Enjoy these beautiful days God has put before you. Allow God to wrap you up and take you on a journey where you can see and hear Him everywhere you go. Let the points below help to get you started:

1. Get up and feed our Sprit before you get up and feed your flesh. Make time in your morning to feed your inner man before you go out into a world that can only offer food for your flesh and aggravation. Even if its only 5 minutes. Out of this lifestyle we will see the Glory of God. We will fully embrace His joy and happiness and we can face our days with full force from Heaven. While doing so, put your phone and any other distraction away. Mark 1:35 “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” Key Word: Solitary… done or existing alone.

Example: On the days that I actually do this, I find myself enjoying my day SO much more! If you start your day out by feeding your spirit then… wahla… you are better equipped to have the FRUITS of the Spirit througout the day. Situations will not aggravate you near as much and your day will most likely be filled with joy because it started with joy!

2. Be intentional to embrace each moment fully. FULLY!! Redirect each thought to the moment at hand. Not the things you need to get done after this conversation or who is going to like the status you put on Facebook, but the present moment in time.

Example: Just last week, Anna and I were outside at our apartment. Long story short, we were watching some turtles in our pond share a balled up piece of bread. It was absolutely amazing! The fish eventually joined in and it was a true Discovery Channel moment. My phone had died just a few minutes before and all I could think about at first was how much I wish it still had battery life so I could take a video of this. But, as I began to tell myself how ridiculous it was to a video of it that bad, I started to focus on the moment. I began to FULLY engage in this moment in time where all my senses were alive. I truly enjoyed that moment so much more than I could have taking a video of it.

3. Talk to God like He’s your best friend. Tell Him your thoughts, your appreciation, your fears, your disappointments, your love… Then, maybe, just maybe, you might engage with the Maker of it all.

Example: It seems that on the days where I invite God into every second, I have a constant peace isnide. If you are dealing with something that eats away at you day by day, just begin to talk to God about it. You will have a much better day and you will see that sometimes whatever it is that’s eating away at you is silly and eventually it will bother you less and less until it goes away.

4. Allow the soaked up bliss of each moment to consume you making you… happy.

Challenge #1: Next time you are at a concert or an event, look around and see how many people are watching the event through the lense on their camera and how many are just enjoying it for what it is. By no means is there anything wrong with taking videos or pictures. But, how much are we missing by experiencing something through the lense of a camera instead of fully engaging with ALL OUR OWN senses? My guess is a lot.

Challenege #2: If your distraction is your computer put it away somewhere where it isnt as easy to grab it and spend hours on it while you are on the couch. If your distraction is your phone, delete the app or whatever else that is distracting you from experiencing life to the fullest. For me, that is my facebook app. I know almost instantly if I have a notification which makes it so easy to spend a majority of my time on my phone. I deleted it yesterday and I already feel so much better.

When’s the last time you read a book each night consistently before you went to bed, instead of filling your mind up with tv, a game, or the internet? When’s the last time you went outside and went on an adventure instead of spending hours inside watching TV? By no means am I condemning technology. Technology is used for so many extraordinary things. We are able to capture memories instantaneously. But, is our life revolving around it? Do we spend more time with some sort of technological device than our Maker? Are we engaging with status’ and pictures on Facebook, video games, or characters on TV more than the people in our life that need someone?

Let’s start living a life centered around people instead of technology.

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