Monday Motivation: Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes
One of the great Science Fiction tropes is that there are many worlds that exist adjacent to ours. As an aficionado of Sci-Fi I appreciate a well woven story of future worlds and space drama. I see them as modern day fairy tales, an expression of human creativity and imagination.

I enjoy the telling of a good tale that speaks of the fantastic as if it were true. You throw a good Orson Scott Card novel at me and I will read it after wiping away my tears and asking why you would throw a book at me in the first place. So recently I had a book recommended to me that was outside of my usual genre, a Christian novel.

After overcoming the momentary skepticism, I came to appreciate the way the book presented the theme of spiritual warfare. It was action packed and gripping enough, but something else happened in the process of reading the first few pages of this book. I was reminded about how real spiritual warfare was. I was all of a sudden more aware than I had been in years about the ever present battle happening in the supernatural realm on our behalf.

The word of God says

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” -Ephesians 6:1

This is a notion that we are all familiar with, but is it one that we remain mindful enough of? I realized then how little attention I gave these things. After all, it changes our perspective on a lot of things doesn’t it?

Our struggles in life mean something different. Our obstacles, battles, situations take on a whole different meaning. We realize how important prayer and intercession is. I ended up changing the way that I approached the situations I faced on a day-to-day. It made me more conscious about how I dealt with decisions. More prayerful about things that seemed insignificant before. I realized that I needed to be bringing a lot more to God in prayer on a daily basis. My family, loved ones, my personal struggles, my relationship with Him.

The Word tells us that the enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). It is up to us to acknowledge that a realm wherein a spiritual battle persists is more than real. It is through prayer, fasting, and intercession that we facilitate an environment of covering.

Spiritual warfare is not fiction. It is not necessarily your standard “parallel universe”, but in fact, much more. I encourage you to not forget like I did, the spiritual realm. Don’t forget to pray for God’s covering over your life, your family, and your friends’ lives. Pray about the situations that concern you. Go to Him with thanksgiving asking for his blessings and protection every single day. In doing so, “…He will give His angels charge over you.” (Psalm 91:1)

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