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The Collision Podcast presents Best of 2012
Every year on The Collision Podcast, we take time to talk about the things that we really enjoyed over the past year. While we haven’t watched every movie, played every game or reviewed every album, these are the things that we think are worth your time/money. For 2012, we’ll have a series of blogs to finish out the year to give you our Best of 2012 list.

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Best Movie: AvengersThe AvengersThe Avengers actually gave a lot more than I’d expected. As someone who liked superhero movies but spent the bulk of my nerdy outbreaks on Star Wars, Doctor Who and Avatar: The Last Airbender, I didn’t expect it to be as ridiculously amazing as it was. Watching the movies that precursor it, they were a good lead up but nothing could prepare you for what was to come. I found my biggest nerd out moments were when Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk and at the scene with the Hulk and Loki. If you haven’t seen the movie I won’t spoil that moment for you. Those who know what I’m talking about when you think about it, it’s okay to laugh out loud. This was a movie that rocked my year in its entirety.

Best TV Show: Once Upon A TimeWhile this show Once Upon A Time isn’t new to 2012, season two is. This show has never ceased to blow my mind. As a big kid in my heart I love things surrounding Fairy Tales. I loved their spin on how all the characters got to be who they were and how they are all intertwined. In the second season I’ve loved how they’ve allowed the characters to grow beyond themselves. The bad guys are realizing they don’t have to be bad just because they always have been, good guys realize they’re not immortal and the ones who thought they were just too weak realize they have a lot more strength than anyone, including themselves, gave them credit for.

The only thing about the show that I didn’t like was how they seem to have decided to break it up. The last couple of episodes of this season won’t come until January; but I love the storyline and depth of it and will be excited come January when the rest of the season comes back.

Best Album: New HorizonsNew Horizons by FlyleafFor years I have been a huge fan of Flyleaf and am always floored by what they put out. Their 2009 album Memento Mori still has me in a state of awe at the depth of the tracks including the songs titled Circles. Their new album New Horizons, is amazing to say the least and, I bet, quite a bitter sweet experience for them all. This album was Lacy’s, lead vocalist for Flyleaf, last album with the band. She is stepping down in order to be a mother for their new son and said that after the death of Rich Caldwell, their sound engineer, she said “Now, more than ever, I understand the phrase Memento Mori” Which is a Latin phrase that means to “remember your mortality.”

The title track for New Horizons seems to be about her realizing it’s time to go. It talks about having no time and the whole mentality of “I’ll rest when I’m dead.” The way that the last few years have flown I completely understand where she is coming from. Everyone’s so busy all the time that there’s no time for hardly anything else. “You said I’d only have to wait until I died and that’s no time.” (a lyric from New Horizons.) And being a new mother myself I completely understand why she felt she needed to step down. The music video for this song is filled with her looking through pictures of her with the band and ends with her and her family. While I’m excited to see what Flyleaf will sound like with their new vocalist Kristen May, formerly of Vedera, I am equally sad to see Lacy go; so I will relish in this new album and all of its Epicness.

Best Video Game: JourneyJourney from ThatGameCompany on PSNThough this is not a game I have made it far into, I found the Playstation3 game “Journey” to be extremely intriguing. You find yourself as a robed, nameless, character in the middle of the desert trying to make it through these beautiful desert ruins to, what you would assume to be, the mountains in the distance. The action prompts are few, if any, which makes the game to be true to its title. This game is all about the journey.

There is a website called where I would spend hours playing their Escape games where you would find yourself in a car, a room or some other random place and you would have to find clues, keys, buttons or other things in order to escape from where you are. They give you a couple of hints and the rest rely on inquisitiveness and paying attention to details. This game strikes me to be a bit like that only with a lot better scenery. The animation is beautiful and the music is enchanting. As someone with an artistic mind I love the exploratory level of this game and if you’re like me, so will you.

Best Product I found this year: Nikon Coolpix p510The Nikon Coolpix P510 has yet to leave me disappointed. The photo quality is amazing, it’s got some pretty “sweet zooms,” it has the ability to take 3D photos and I’m still discovering all the neat things it can do. One of my favorites is the selective color function. I’ve always loved the photos you would see that would have something like a cobblestone road running across a quant bridge where you see a girl leaning over the edge to see the leaf she’d dropped on one side come out from under the bridge. Propped up next to her is the bike that she’d been riding into a small quiet looking town you notice on the other side; and this whole scene is being captured in black and white except for the bike which is a bright vintage looking red.

It takes a lot of patience to edit a photo in that way and as someone who uses the computer for many reasons including editing music and photos it can leave your hands a bit achy. What I love about this camera is that you simply pick out the color you want left in and it will put the rest in black and white for you; you can also record video in the same way. SRP for this camera is $429.95 which for everything it does isn’t bad at all. As far as new products this year it indeed has been rocking my world!

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