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The Collision Podcast presents Best of 2012
Every year on The Collision Podcast, we take time to talk about the things that we really enjoyed over the past year. While we haven’t watched every movie, played every game or reviewed every album, these are the things that we think are worth your time/money. For 2012, we’ll have a series of blogs to finish out the year to give you our Best of 2012 list.

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Best Movie: The Dark Knight RisesThis year the movie that rocked my boat the most was The Dark Knight Rises. I was thoroughly entertained by the fantastic direction Christopher Nolan took us on with this 3rd installment. Please do me the favor of checking it out if you haven’t – or hit it again if you have! Epic plot, fantastic actors, and richly developed storyline make it a must see.

Best TV Show: Gravity FallsDisney has really upped their playtime on my TV with one of their newest creations Gravity Falls. Every episode is packed with enough juicy humor to make me always on the lookout for the next premiere! Please check it out and give the show a chance to invest in your life like it has mine. I recommend starting out with the first episode released as it will lay out the groundwork for your complete bacon intoxication.

Best Album: AwakenedSeptember 26th one of my favorite bands released their 6th album titled Awakened. As I Lay Dying always brings an incredible intensity to their music and this is no exception. The exhilaration and excitement continues to bring this band back into my car day after day. Join me in hitting the repeat button on track one, Cauterize and two, A Greater Foundation. I absolutely love the lyrical truth these guys punch out.

Best Video Game: Battlefield 3The game I’ve been hooked on since it came into my possession is Battlefield 3. I know, I know, this game came out late in 2011. BUT, this game has had me hooked throughout 2012. I absolutely love the depth of game play and customization designed into each multiplayer match. This year EA has released a series of fantastic expansion packs, and if you happen to invest in the premium edition like I did then you get to experience them all for a flat fee. My personal favorite is Armored Kill which builds on their success which more vehicular mayhem closely followed by their recent release of Aftermath. Be sure to check out this series as the complete environment destruction is absolutely breathtaking and addicting.

Best Product I found this year: Starbucks RefreshersIn early August my favorite beverage company released a new product meant to bring in the folks that need that extra kick in the afternoon but need a break from the taste of coffee and an alternative to the excessive sugars in soda. Starbucks Refreshers® beverages are a juicy alternative to making your afternoon caffeine quota. Go try either Berry Hibiscus or Cool Lime from your neighborhood café or any of the carbonated offerings at the nearest convenience store. I destroy a “Cool Rhyme” daily but of course I love to add my own twist – a couple pumps of coconut!

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