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The Collision Podcast presents Best of 2012
Every year on The Collision Podcast, we take time to talk about the things that we really enjoyed over the past year. While we haven’t watched every movie, played every game or reviewed every album, these are the things that we think are worth your time/money. For 2012, we’ll have a series of blogs to finish out the year to give you our Best of 2012 list.

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Best Movie: The Dark Knight RisesAs usual this year, I didn’t get to the movies very often. I think regardless of this sad fact, I really enjoyed the Dark Knight Rises. This wasn’t the perfect movie, but you’ve got to give director Christopher Nolan credit for making an incredible ending to one of the top trilogies of all time. Movies based on comic books were a tough sell prior to a couple years ago and this series of movies really did a lot to turn that opinion around. This movie had its flaws and even through those flaws, I really enjoyed the action and story that the Dark Knight Rises told.

Best TV Show: SherlockThe BBC series Sherlock is so impressive that it has to be my Best TV show of 2012. The second season of this critically acclaimed series is incredible. The characters and writing of the show is so well done that you almost wish other crime dramas would take some notes from this series. Mix in some great cinematography and the acting of Benedict Cumberbatch and it’s easy to get addicted to this show. That’s why I’m sad that we may not see season 3 of this series until 2014 due to the current shooting schedule. Do yourself a favor and watch the first 2 seasons on Netflix today!

Best Album: Keep QuietWith a year packed with fantastic music, I’ve got to go back to an album that kept my attention for the majority of the year. Keep Quiet from SONS was such a surpise that it has to be my album of the year. Since it’s release in February of this year, it has been the album that occupied the most time in my headphones. The poetic writing and dynamic sounds of these 12 tracks reminded me how much I love hearing new music. I think that because it wasn’t on my radar, this album really hit hard and stayed with me all year. Be sure to check out this great album on iTunes.

Best Video Game: Playstation All-Stars Battle RoyaleThis year I have enjoyed lots of video games but recently I’ve really dug Playstation All-Stars, the latest fighting game from the Playstation Universe. The game isn’t the greatest fighter or the greatest game, but it’s easily the most fun I’ve had in recent months. This 4 player fighter was such a blast to play with a house full of friends. While a lot of people would see this game as a rip off of the beloved Super Smash Bros. franchise, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The game is a blast with 3 other friends or on-line, but it’s a genuine fighting game at it’s core.

While the game is great, the value is something that we can’t gloss over. The game is one of Playstation’s “Cross-Buy” titles. When you pick up the game for the PS3, you get a FREE copy for your Playstation Vita. It’s been great to enjoy the game on the road when I can’t be at the house to play. If you’re a social gamer, this game is a must buy. The fun of sitting around with a room full of people playing this game brings me back to the reason why I started playing games in the first place!

Best Product I found this year: Droid Razr MaxxYou may have heard the Urban Legend about the guy who returned his iPhone after owning it for 3 days. That was me when I finally (reluctantly) upgraded to a Smartphone. I found the Droid Razr Maxx after digging through reviews on-line. I’ve really enjoyed this phone and Motorola gives you little additions that I didn’t expect. The battery life is fantastic and the large amoled screen is beautiful. I had no plans of upgrading phones in 2012, but the Droid Razr Maxx made me glad that I did.

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