Playdough: Cash Rules Everything

Playdough’s latest music video comes to us all the way from Europe. He shot the video for Cash Rules Everything while touring there in January 2013. The song a reinterpretation of Johnny Cash’s song Ain’t No Grave and is off his Writer Dye: Deux or Die album. Huge thanks to Playdough for taking a few minutes to do a mini-interview about the new music video.

You used some awesome scenery in Europe as the setting for the new video. What was the best part of filming over there?

It was beautiful for sure. We shot the video about 10 minutes from Stonehenge so the coolest part about where we were was the old architecture. It’s a 14th Century Church and cemetery so it was crazy. It also wasn’t in a big city so we were able to take advantage of the dreary, cold woods and creeks.

What made you choose Cash Rules Everything for the new music video?

That’s my favorite song on the album. It’s got a vibe to it that seems bigger than Playdough or my artistry. I wanted to do a video that was a bit more serious.

At the end of the video, you get a sense of putting to death all the things we idolize in life. What’s the symbolism of how the video ends?

Giving up everything so that we can gain everything. Through the rap section of the song I talk about giving up everything that’s important to me. The end symbolizes burying the things that are important to me then taking a deep, clean, brand new breath. No grave can hold me down because my freedom and my Life aren’t found in my possessions. Then the paper boat (my Spirit) goes under the bridge. Praise God!

Was there any hesitation in reinterpreting a song from Johnny Cash to create this track?

I used a lot of larger than life legends on the Writer Dye album so I tried not to be afraid of tackling songs from those artists. I really dig his writing and have always loved that song. I was hesitant to use the song because it’s one of Cash’s more recent songs and I wondered if I should use something older that more people were familiar with. It’s too dope to not put on the album and it became my favorite on the project.

Writer Dye: Deux or Die by PlaydoughPlaydough’s album “Writer Dye: Deux or Die” is available from just $5 via Playdough’s Bandcamp page. Using inspiration from Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Queen, Modest Mouse and many others make this an album you can’t miss. Check out Matt Nestor’s review of this album to see why this was his favorite album of 2012.
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