Can We Trust God with Our Dreams?

No matter what our age or calling in life, we all have hopes and dreams for our future. It can be something small or something huge and life changing. For some of us, the idea of sharing this dream with others can scare us because the reaction may be less than perfect.

“You’ll never make money doing that.”
“Do you really believe you can do that?”
“Don’t be silly.”

These might be things that we’ve heard from the people that we’ve shared our dreams with. These could be the voices that we’ve dealt with just in our own minds. When we see reaction like this from the people around us, it’s only natural that we’d be a little gun shy to bring these same dreams before our Creator.

There’s something important about bringing those dreams, hopes and desires before God in prayer. Our transparency before the Father shows a level of faith where we can trust that God has the best outcome for this dream. By putting trust in God, we’re allowing him to refine those dreams and bring them to fruition in His time. The truth is, if these dreams that you have aren’t going to be blessed by God, do we really want any part of them?

The challenge is to do a reality check with those life dreams. Does your dream bring glory to you or to the Father? Does your dream bring value to the lives of others or make you feel more valuable?

If following your dream means forgetting the call that Christ has on your life, then that dream needs to be refined. We can trust God with our dreams because He has the best in store for our lives. In the end, this is just another way that we can exercise our faith in a God who can make dreams a reality.

“God always gives his best to those who leave the choice with Him.”
― Jim Elliot

This is an excerpt from a sermon titled “A Life Built on Prayer” at Collision Coffee House on 03/07/2013. You can download some of our previous messages on the Collision Media page today.
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