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For Everything There is a Season

When Erin and I pioneered Collision as a ministry in 2008, we knew the call God gave us but had no idea what we were doing. We walked into something that we’d never experienced before. In the first year, God broke down the preconceived notions, ideas and any pride we had in ministry. This ministry [...]

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Purchased with a Purpose

It seems that during our 20′s, we are on a course to find our purpose in life. As we get into our 30’s we’re supposed to have life figured out. In our generation that is becoming less and less true. We’re constantly told that a number of things will give us fulfillment in our lives. [...]

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Review: Citizens

At the beginning of 2013 news came out that there was a new partnership between Mars Hill Church and BEC Recordings. This debut album from Citizens is the first full-length album to come out under this partnership. Citizens are just one of the 35 worship bands that come from the 14 Mars Hill campuses in [...]

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Can We Trust God with Our Dreams?

No matter what our age or calling in life, we all have hopes and dreams for our future. It can be something small or something huge and life changing. For some of us, the idea of sharing this dream with others can scare us because the reaction may be less than perfect. “You’ll never make [...]

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Five Years of Ministry

In February of 2008, Erin and I sat in the living room talking about how lonely our early 20′s felt. Not fitting in and being young has never been a fun place to be. I hope I’m correct in assuming that we’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives. It was here that [...]

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One Last Time with SOSAVEME

At the beginning of February, sosaveme announced that they will be saying farewell as a band. While we’ll miss the incredible music they make, it’s exciting to see what’s next for each of the guys that we’ve come to know as friends through this ministry. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be able to see [...]

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Playdough: Cash Rules Everything

Playdough’s latest music video comes to us all the way from Europe. He shot the video for Cash Rules Everything while touring there in January 2013. The song a reinterpretation of Johnny Cash’s song Ain’t No Grave and is off his Writer Dye: Deux or Die album. Huge thanks to Playdough for taking a few [...]

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After the Storm

It’s interesting that God can use 3 days of rain to teach a spiritual truth. Storms have a way of bringing out the weakness in structures. When strong winds hit, we can see the structural weakness in the dying tree as it sways and branches break. In the worst storms, we can look around and [...]

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A Higher Calling – An Interview with Elias

Elias is a local artist to the Columbus music scene that takes the craft of hip-hop as more than a hobby. In this interview, we sit down with Elias to talk about what inspires his music, where he finds his support and the importance of showing Christ in everything he does. Every musician got their [...]

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Monday Motivation: Fear of the Unknown

During our twenty’s, life changes at an alarming pace. One day we’re sitting around with friends talking about the future, the next day we’re having to face the reality of making life decisions head on. For some of us, flipping a coin is a great way of getting out of the decision making process. For [...]

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