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Review: Citizens

At the beginning of 2013 news came out that there was a new partnership between Mars Hill Church and BEC Recordings. This debut album from Citizens is the first full-length album to come out under this partnership. Citizens are just one of the 35 worship bands that come from the 14 Mars Hill campuses in [...]

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Review: Writer Dye: Deux or Die

Playdough is the kind of artist that makes inspired music. The kind that combines fresh grooves that move you and lyricism that finds you dragging the scrubber back and forth, analyzing, deciphering and then savoring his expert wordsmanship. When I heard “Writer Dye: Deux or Die”, sequel to 2010′s very well received “Writer Dye”, was [...]

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Review: Excellent

There’s something about the artistic brand of hip-hop that Propaganda has created. The music that he creates is laced with honesty that is hard to find in most of today’s modern music. Propaganda is a poet, MC and rapper who has never shied away from tackling the issues that few people want to approach. “Excellent” [...]

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Review: Make it Right

Make It Right, the 2nd full length album from the four-man band from Phoughkeepsie, New York known as Abel opens progressively with driving melodies. If you are at all familiar with Abel, you will notice immediately that Make It Right is not a total departure in style from their previous releases- Honest Love, released in [...]

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Review: Walk

Will Retherford is an artist that friend of the podcast, Matthew Reed suggested we check out. I can’t thank him enough for this recommendation! “Walk” is the latest release from Will Retherford who is a worship pastor at Victory Church in Tulsa, OK. This is Will’s first full-length album coming off the success of his [...]

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Review: The Weight of Glory

It’s hard to find someone that hasn’t been touched in some way by the writings of C.S. Lewis. Whether you reference “The Chronicles of Narnia” or books like “The Screwtape Letters” or “Mere Christianity”. There is something about his writing that seems to transcend time and teach you more about the heart of God. Lewis’ [...]

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Review: Young Man Follow

After a few quiet months from Future of Forestry, the new album Young Man Follow has made its debut. Over the past 4 years fans have been treated to the Travel EP series, two Advent EP’s and a compilation of music that has been featured on Film and TV. This latest release brings together the [...]

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Review: Ten Stories

There’s something intriguing and definitely different about the music that mewithoutYou creates. From the eclectic composition to the incredibly vivid writing of Aaron Weiss, each release from this band brings something different. My first mewithoutYou album was Catch for Us the Foxes in 2004. The album was so full of passion and powerful content that [...]

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Review: O Ransomed Son

Anyone who has heard Ascend the Hill’s 2010 release “Hymns: Take The World But Give Me Jesus”, knows how a single album can create an atmosphere of worship. The much anticipated follow up “O Ransomed Son” is out now and is probably the most incredible worship experience recorded. I don’t hesitate in saying this because [...]

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Review: Drowning in Grain

It’s hard to deny that Jetty Rae has one of the most soulful voices around. She’s able to take lyrics and add a depth that few artist can. “Drowning in Grain” is Jetty’s third album in just two years and is by far the most complete album she’s put together. The album starts off with [...]

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